complete shock

Ok so it seems that my husband is very much about going to the messianic congregation this Shabbat.
Whoa. He came up to me last night and said he really wanted to go.

And he said he has been praying about it and reading and he asked me if Jesus’ hebrew name was the same as Joshua’s – Yeshua is the same name – right? I was completely floored. And excited and pretty darn happy also.

The thing is I am not into people, I am not into being part of a crowd or letting people love on me, or be near me. Really truly the idea gets my heart in my throat, my eyes get wide and I panic. I like people – I like hearing their stories, enjoying their gifts,  as long as they are at least 3 feet away and not between me and an exit. Then they stop being a person and become a threat.

But my husband likes people – he fits in with the crowd – and he needs people.

so I will panic while he gets his fill – the service is like….4 hours long.


4 thoughts on “complete shock

  1. gmaali Post author

    So many times I have thought it wasn’t so nice of me to kick out peoples crutches before they knew they could walk. Just be cause I can walk, run, fly…. I think I may have done it too early for my husband to begin with and crippled him a bit – well…it wasn’t me that crippled him, but not everyone knows. ya know? I KNOW you know. But I desperately want him to be a partner in this and all this time I am pretty sure I have intimidated him. In 48 hours I will give you a love it/hate it review.


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