made it home…

all is well the drive was ….nerve wracking. not near as bad as the acid/firework truck explosion I read about in Anna’s neighborhood- yikes!

Still If such a thing happened in So Cal – there would have been 84 fatalities instead of the ONE they had – people in California are just plain Stoopid Drivers. So the service…. yeah that.

The people were nice enough – of course I hung back because I was entirely weirded out about the fact that a dozen of them were laying flat out on the floor. A bunch others were dancing the hora some others were waving pairs of big silk worship flags. They had 90 minutes of dancing singing and people speaking messages they received. Then the 90 minute teaching was pretty good – on prophecy.

But then for the afterglow kind of part of the service – they had people getting anointed and gifted with prophecy – I left before it got all awkward. I would have just sat there with a concerned/skeptical look on my face and I imagine they would not appreciate that. Or they might come to talk to me with a word from the throne room and I am not sure how that may have ended up. Any case I survived. FYI.


3 thoughts on “made it home…

    1. gmaali Post author

      He didn’t say much. today is my B-day – he whispered happy birthday in my ear after we were already at the restaurant waiting for my friends to show up- good thing our son sent his dad a text message or else he would have no idea why I wanted to go out to eat. Some days…

      1. gmaali Post author

        don’t worry that only makes me think about crying a little bit. I had a satanic goat herding waitress wish me a happy birthday at midnight though – in person….no joke. I was in her yard helping her with goats. go figure.

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