Baby countdown

I have 12 does bred – 4 for the last two weeks of February and the rest spread out till mid April (maybe one in May – if she took)

These past few weeks – although it is only the tail end of January – have been spent preparing for spring. The chickens are starting to lay eggs, the trees are starting to bud. We are thinking about what we will plant in the gardens this year.

I am kind of sad. Because this is the first year I won’t be able to share the baby goats with my sister. My dad is a good helper but he is a little too intense (that means he won’t shut up and he is all over the mamas while they are in labor) The first four goats this year are first timers – so I don’t know what to expect from them.  I gotta order vaccinations today. Everyone needs their shots.

My dad saw a commercial for Australian dream cream for arthritis the other day. Now I have to be careful with my dad because he sits over in his apartment all day watching TV and he sometimes gets taken in by wishful thinking. So when he comes over with something he saw on TV – I always check the reviews for him to be certain it is a decent product. However when I read the reviews for the Australian cream – the reviews were pretty good. So I went out and bought him some. When his neck is achy he is grumpy all over. I tried some also – it actually works. My neck is always sore – now using a cream doesn’t make me want to run out and start yoga, but it was noticeably less stiff. Pop’s neck felt better also. I am seriously thinking of using it on my hands and elbows. When did I get old? It kind of makes me sad, My son is just a bit taller than I am now. *sigh* that is how it goes.

I became friends with a lady out here – she actually lives about 30 miles away. She has a bunch of kids (ok 4) she home schools – they are Torah observant – they were the first ones to invite me to the Messianic congregation. I am hoping to get them started with dairy goats this year. The down side is she has a bunch of online business stuff and she is always trying to figure out how to get more business. And I am not a business person. I don’t like dealing with money, I don’t like owing, I don’t like asking for it. I don’t like figuring out how much every single thing costs. And I sure don’t like talking about money every time I turn around. But she wants me to partner with her in all kinds of things. And I can’t. It is just too much.

Three weeks ago I said I needed to clean my computer room and guess what? I still do! As well as the goat shed and the goat pens. Next weekend my husband and son are going on a fishing boat with the 4-H That day may be a good day to get some major stuff done around here.

I know this is mostly fluff an I am sorry for that – When I sit here in the morning to type – all the other parts of my life seem so haphazard. The things that I am trying to work through are so far from being crystallized…I just can’t even start on them. One thing I will share with you though. When we went to the church down the hill – my husband was a little weirded out by the way the people dressed – my husband is not interested in “dressing jewish” so I sent off an e-mail to ask the people why they dress that way – what their convictions are etc. – I am going to share the response I got, because I thought it was pretty good:

We had study out the wearing of the kippah for months and unlike the Lords commandments and festivals, we came to the conclusion that wear a kippah was more traditional then biblical. Though Aaron and his sons (priest) wore a head covering and Daniel also wore a head covering. In our congregation we have left it up to the individual , I do wear a kippah myself.

  As far as the tallit, we know that Yeshua wore a tallit . The women with the issue of blood reach for his fringes on his garment and touch the wing of his garment and she was healed. This is also known as the tzit tzit. We encourage everyone to have a prayer shawl and to cover their family and pray for them . In service , it’s your husband’s decision to wear one. I do wear one , but I realize it’s about 50-50 in our congregation. I do wear tzit-tzit 24-7 away from the prayer shawl.

  I hope this helped. If your husband does not have the conviction to put on the kippah or prayer shawl , that’s Ok. We are trying to do the best we can and isn’t that what the Father desires? Do the best you can. We have one of our Pastors who will not wear a kippah so your husband is Ok.

Honestly I felt that was a decent response – I have to admit the people there are pretty nice. It is just the long drive down the terrifying freeway and the room full of people I don’t know. And ya know what? Church is full of broken people. People who need stuff, people who need reassurance and love and healing and Although I love people – it is Way hard for me to be around people who NEED (whatever) all the time. I like people who figure stuff out and are willing to put out effort of their own to effect change. I talked to my friend (at the Mexican Pentecostal church) about the attire at the congregation we visited and she went to ask her pastor as soon as she had the chance.

His response was they do that (wear a kippah) because they are under the law and if they are under the law they are under the curse of the law and not under the new covenant of grace blah ya blah la la...just about then I stopped listening.

I have a different idea on the law. When you are a citizen of a certain area – part of being a citizen is following the law of the land. We have a speed limit law for safety. We have laws that protect our property, we have laws that protect people. The law is not just a curse – it is only a curse if you are a citizen that wants to break it, to disregard the authority behind it. When you follow the law, most of the time all it does is protect you. And most of the time it protects you from the people who don’t respect the law. The curse of the law seems to be for those who know it is right but still decide to disobey it. The grace part is that we are still babies that can hardly figure out our earlobes from our elbows.  ♫ ♪ Just keep swimming swimming, do dee do do  ♫ ♪

So the short version is I was kind of irritated about all that. I have pretty much been disenchanted about any kind of religious get together and I sincerely think that is damaging my walk. Too much of a skeptic, too much of a cynic, too critical of other people ideas. I miss having people to dig into the word with. if only, if only…

Ok folks the clouds are breaking up and the animals need to be fed – thanks for listening to my crazy rant. If you are nodding in agreement or wish you could reach through cyberspace and slap me upside the head – it’s nice to know people care enough to check in once in a while and make sure I am still out here.


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