Help with counting…

Today (last week now – this has been sitting in the queue for a while) my husband and son are out fishing. I am actually hoping they come home empty handed. I do not need anymore fish in the freezer. Last time they brought home a ton of sheep head and we still haven’t cooked it.

Way Way back in October of 2007 we were talking about it – do you remember? That was flat out AGES ago…Daniel was 5 years old…sheesh… And here we are 2015 and I still have no clue how to count to seven. I read Anna’s blog about Sabbaths and I am right there – still.
Danny and I were reading in the Tanach about the first Pesach – the Month starts on the new moon  and then you have all these Moadim set to the count of the month (moon) and every seven days there is a Sabbath. Seven days and 29.5 days never work out evenly. 29.5 days and 365 days do not work out evenly. Seven days and 360 do not work out evenly.
And I still don’t have it figured out. I really don’t know what working or not working consists of, so on that point I am a Lucy Loser.

But now I am a Lucy Loser with company. because there are people – mostly on FB but some in real life around me, who are very firm, very convicted in their interpretation and I just can NOT seem to get on board with all that.  It is maddening. It isn’t even like Oh I agree with you and disagree with them – I just honestly don’t know who is better off. Are the people who refuse to even acknowledge the days of the month the months of the year due to their pagan influence better off than those who try to find a middle ground by bouncing between the hebrew and the roman names?

I used to visit the Shema Yisrael website a lot – but now the guy that runs it is flat out convinced that the whole messiah thing was completely made up by the romans in an effort to rule the world with a lie and Yeshua did not even exist. It is very frustrating to live in the age of media where everything is refuted, everyone is convinced they are right, everyone is willing to condemn the world, everyone knows more than the other guy.
We live in very discouraging times. When I read something that is new or exciting and want to share it with another person – I almost never do…people chastise me for forsaking fellowship – I am NOT forsaking fellowship I am forsaking being frustrated. I am forsaking intimidation. I am forsaking being overwhelmed with things that I don’t understand. I am forsaking feeling like an idiot or like I am surrounded by idiots. I am forsaking feeling like I can’t even figure out how to count to seven. It is completely embarrassing.
I miss fellowship terribly.

But it is not the same as it used to be.




2 thoughts on “Help with counting…

  1. gmaali Post author

    ok lets start with this: in reflection of Devorahs post the other day – and especially about your awesome video the other day- how about this?

    These are deep and difficult (for me anyhow) studies about Oral vs. Written Torah from a messianic point of view:


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