Busy day…

Today promises to be interesting.

So the deal is I either have a inguinal hernia or a femoral hernia – it is just a little egg sized lump that comes and goes right in the front of where my pelvic bone and leg meet – it has been there for a couple of months I had no idea what it was.

Honestly I wasn’t overly eager to rush back to the Dr.’s office for another weird ailment after last season’s Pleurisy – I paid about $1,000 to my insurance company so the doctors could look dumbfounded and not really tell me why or how or what to do about it. So now with this bizarre little lump – that could be no big deal or could kill me between breakfast and lunch – really? Really?!? Was does everything have to be so freaking dramatic?!?

And my first mama goat was due on Tuesday but guess what – today is FRIDAY and she is just showing signs of going into labor! My ultrasound appointment is at noon – 45 minutes away. Last time I went to this imaging center for my CT scan of my lungs I was waiting for about 2 hours with an appointment. So should be a super exciting day trying to deliver baby goats – not miss my appointment, and it is my husband’s B-day today! So I will be gone all day – my son will be stuck here maybe delivering goats – and my husband will come home to a messy house and no ideas on dinner. And a friend invited my family over for Erev Shabbat… ((O.o))
It is only 5:30 am and I am wiped out – pray my day goes smooth?



3 thoughts on “Busy day…

  1. Anna Marie

    Baby goats! Yay!! I love your pics at FB.

    And yeah… the drama thing is ridiculous. Once as a teen I went in for my routine scolosis check, and the Dr. was all, no big, looks the same, go home… and then next routine visit, he had a trainee in with him and he was all, “YOU’RE GOING TO NEED SURGERY, this is *SO* crooked, you’ll be Quasimoto by age twenty!!!” … and it hadn’t changed, any. O_o I don’t really think they know anything.

    Um… in your comment section… feeling a little like I need to back out of the room…


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