Baby count..

Sandy had two – a boy and a girl

Moab had one – a big boy

Spice (Mini Mancha) had two boys

Foxy had four – a boy and three girls

Saffron (mini nubian) had two – a boy and a girl

six boys – five girls

Five goats in milk and I kind of broke my milk machine the other day…

Foxy’s babies are in a crate in my office though because they are tiny – They were born on Purim – so I have Mordechai, Esther, Diva and Dodi (the tiniest one!)

I will start separating all the babies from their mamas tonight – gotta update my webpage also.

The praise report is that I had the messianic family finally came to visit and my husband spent some time talking to the dad of the other family – I let the ladies milk the mamas and feed the baby goats. Of course they all loved the goats but I was also trying to impress upon them it is quite a bit of work. I hate to see people get an idea that they want to be self sufficient and it is not as easy as it looks! We didn’t even get to half the things at our place – seriously… It is hard to see how much we have going on until we are trying to show people everything at once. My husband and her husband sat by my Sukkot bench and chatted, he recommended my husband check out a TV series “Jericho” on Netflix – who has seen it – is it good? (I just read on the IMBD page that they have Morse code clues at the beginning of each episode- FYI in case anyone is interested)

Here is a flying baby goat to entertain you until I upload more pictures!



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