More of the same

Goats goats and all goats – of course in spring time it is all about the hooves and udders and milk.

Twelve babies so far – 6 boys and six girls – two of the boys already went to new homes – and one boy and one girl are going home tomorrow – They wanted to buy two boys but – I can only find one nut on the dark boy and if you can only find one nut – it is an expensive surgery to fix it.

The mamas are giving us two gallons of milk per day – so that is nice.

This Friday I was finally able to make it to my friends house for Erev Shabbat dinner. I think my husband had a decent time – my son was not that excited, but he did alright. They keep trying to invite me to Passover service down the hill…I cannot do that- I have four goats due that week. Two are new mamas that I need to train to the milk stand. The other two have had kids before – but one is due with three and the other with four.

planterThe grapes, citrus, olives, fig and honey locust are coming along nicely – hopefully I will get that planter full of growing food soon! I have many many projects I want to start on, but I am a bit nervous with the hernia. I will go to the Doctors for a consultation on Tuesday and see if I am going to end up killing myself if I keep doing what I am doing.

I am not happy at all with the idea of surgery – for an odd reason maybe – I HATE to be under general anesthetic. A local – ok, nerve block maybe? But general anesthesia is a big fat nuisance for me.

One more funny thing and then I need to go – The other day I help a friend with her goat horns – she had a product called Granulex V – it has something in it that smells so good to me – I couldn’t figure out what it was – this morning I figured it out – Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! Same ingredients!


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