poop nuts

so hernia surgery cost $1,000. I wasn’t exactly expecting that.
Also It can be a few days to a few weeks of recovery.

Delivering baby goats – milking the mamas – shoving them back in their pen when they are naughty – are all going to be things I have to avoid after surgery. I am just not all that enthusiastic about it, but until it gets fixed I need to be careful and that is not fun either.

Yes yes I know Passover is on the horizon also – I have just been having a tough time getting in gear. My Messianic friend keep trying to get me to head down the hill for Passover – I can’t. She said they just found out there were ten openings! Told me I should go – Lady I don’t care if there are 1,000 openings. I can’t go.
So..maybe surgery near the end of April. We will see how things work out.

Gotta go critter tending now..busy busy,


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