Personal stuff

But I thought I would let you all know what I have been up to. this week my BFF’s daughter is hanging out with us, because my friend is at a retreat in the mountains.
she is serving at the pastors retreat.
Last week her daughter was complaining of headaches and vision issues and it was determined that she has (for an unknown reason) developed pressure on the optical nerve in her left eye and she has lost a good deal of her vision. There is a decent chance if they can figure out the problem her vision will come back – however for now she can not see out of her left eye and her mom is busy catering to pastors at the retreat.
My friend is also losing her home – no payment has been made for over a year – maybe 18 months – because the “lawrd” told her that she needed to stay home and be with her children. But then her boy got mixed in the the wrong crowd and drugs and it was stupid and crazy and he left to live with her sister and it was awful. Her husband can’t keep a job.
So she is losing the house.

I asked her what she plans on doing when she has no where to live – her answer {face palm} move closer to church. Church is in Costa Mesa. 80 miles away. Her daughter has choir practice tonight – from 7:30- 9:30 – PM…let that sink in for a minute – she is supposed to be at choir practice – and then if there is no traffic after a 90 minute drive home – that means she will get to bed on a school night around 11 pm – maybe…more like midnight.

Her husband wants his sister to buy a house so they can all live there. I asked my friends daughter about it and she doesn’t like the idea – she is 12 years old plenty old enough to have an opinion. but today she informed me that her mom and her don’t really get to have an opinion – it is what ever the husband wants – even though he has not contributed anything but stress and debt into their lives. It is…..ridiculously sad.

Then I had a brilliant idea – my sisters ex boyfriend lives down the hill and I am going to go visit him. he is off drugs, employed, married and happy. and I think it would do my heart good for a visit. And we will go to the beach – my son, my friends daughter, my sister’s ex-boyfriend and his wife and we will cast our cares upon the water. I am certain it will lighten my heart. Selah..Selah.


2 thoughts on “Personal stuff

  1. hearthie

    That business with the optic nerve is scary. I will pray for her and for you. I’m sorry that you’re going through all this, Ali m’dear. -softhugs-

    And friends who behave stupidly, I cans play THAT game. It hurts so much, doesn’t it? You want them to do well in life and they make the DUMBEST decisions. 😦 Over which you have no control at all. -sigh-

  2. gmaali Post author

    And ta da! we got home at nearly one am – because it was raining buckets and we never could figure out how to actually get to the beach part of newport beach in the dark – Ah well – I am home so I am happy now


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