Just because I don’t write…

Doesn’t mean I am not thinking…

A lot.

I have many many people who are pretty upset that I am “out of fellowship” – I however am not too upset about it.  I’d rather be lonely-ish , than angry and fighting all the time. When I submit to the authority of another person to lead me, in regular “fellowship” it seems to be all about fighting. All about being right, better and making sure the whole world knows how right and better they are, and all that does is insure that I am trying to swallow back the vomit all day because I can’t stand it.

This week I was meditating on Deuteronomy 28-30 Especially Deuteronomy 29:19.
Go ahead and look it up – I can wait.

The very next chapter- chapter 30- talks about how when you wake up in a foreign land and realize your life has been a lie and you need to change your direction – and you indeed start heading that way and learning what you’ve been missing – you still have a chance. It is Not Too hard!
Deu 28:41 says ““You shall beget sons and daughters, but they shall not be yours; for they shall go into captivity.” And I immediately thought – yeah – we call that debt – and we try to encourage everyone to have it before they even get started in life with a college degree >_<

I mentioned this to a friend of mine yesterday and she told me straight up  – well that is not me! I asked her how she figures that? She told me she was only in debt to Jesus – No worries – Oh really?!? (swallow some more vomit) – how can you say that? Every time to pay tax, every time you buy crap from companies that promote evil, there is no end to it folks. Every time you refuse to be obedient you are testing the tender mercies of Yah. But finding people who accept that…not so easy.


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