bad stuff

Hey guys here is the deal – I am pretty sure in the not so distant future – bad things will be headed our way.
Today I am going over my supplies and checking what I have and don’t have on hand.
It has come to my attention that I likely won’t be getting surgery because…reasons.
I have one more stinking goat to have babies and then I need to sell a bunch. 3-4 gallons per day is too much milk for me to use, and why feed them for nothing…quick note – I am hoping to get better internet in a couple of weeks won’t that be nice?

I wish I could write more – so many things happen and it is hard to tell if any of it is important because the days slip together. My kid got a job – one day per week but that is nice.
My dad’s goat had four babies on May 4th but one was DOA and we lost two others (runts) – so he has one baby that is a strong healthy girl!
I need to write more – I miss our conversations. 😦


One thought on “bad stuff

  1. cagey

    Bad stuff? Absolutely. That quickening and urgency to not be separated because of stuff coming around the bend is driving me right now. The dreams don’t help either. I’m very sorry to hear about the baby goats.


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