All Gone All Done

Not sure who may or may not be wondering how things are here. Today was surprisingly damp. The thunder just landed on our house and the clouds rung out – we got at least an inch of rain in 20 minutes over five acres and every drop was soaked up.

My best friend is out of her house – moved down the hill to who knows where – she didn’t say – which is…odd considering how she watched me go through hell when my sister did the same thing last year at this time. So I am depressed over that. Also my friend Kathleen is moving this week – which is not so bad, she had been planning on moving for a long time. She mad e an appointment with the Veterinarian to come over on Tuesday and put her nine year old buck down- poor thing – she was in tears. and I thought well, my sister’s 80# dog is sitting here abandoned in a 10 x 10 pen in a thick black fur coat, we are expecting super high temps and thunderstorms (that drive him crazy) He is deaf, only has three teeth. I thought about it some more – the dog loves the car but HATES the vets…I could drive him over to my friends house have him put down, share in her suffering and Vader wouldn’t be neglected any more…of course my sister now has no reason to return…but she wasn’t going to anyhow.
I send her a note telling her what happened, no response.

Back to being lonely.

All the baby goats have been born now. The last two were girls. Now I just need to start selling them.
Hard days ahead. That’s all.


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