Learning Stuff

Rivka – (she does scarf tutorials on http://wrapunzel.com) is hosting a hebrew class – how to read hebrew, write block and cursive, letter meanings pronunciation, etc. It is a lot of fun and very informative – last nights class was recorded and is online for FREE!!

We got through Dalet – class is Sundays 9 pm EST – 10:30 – online and recorded.


Chasing around some Breslev links the other day trying to grasp some phrases and concepts they are sharing. And an odd thing occurred to me. I get the idea that the Breslevs reject Yeshua as Messiah. And I can see their point – however I must say that when we consider that for Yah one day is 1,000 years and in fact that the Creator of the universe lives outside of time and space and constraints of the human understanding. I wish for one moment they would consider the idea that no single person on the face of the earth – has done more to spread the ideas embodied in the Torah (no matter how badly misinterpreted they have become by the current churches) than Yeshua. I am not sure how many Jewish people give thanks to Hashem for Yeshua – but they should!


My husband and dad got into a conversation the other day about Tolerance – and how The Almighty does not have tolerance for sin…so we shouldn’t tolerate sin either! Rah Rah get dem sinners!
Good point guys – I completely agree you should not tolerate any sin. It’s so gross. Stop even worrying about what other people do with their lives – the only sin that should completely disgust you is the sin in your own life. We are not called to tolerate sin, we are called to act with justice, mercy and humility.

We can’t conquer any foreign lands until we can rightfully rule our own.


Gotta get to the goats – discuss freely – comments are open.


3 thoughts on “Learning Stuff

  1. Bets King

    enjoyed reading here this evening. I found you through Eriktology which I am just beginning. I want to make you some kind of ceramic pin that says > Love me from afar , please. I understand your feelings, my sister is much the same and my dr. as well. Perhaps I need to make a few. lol. Any way I am going to be praying for you, I see from last year to this Father is doing some great things in your life and family. He was telling us the truth when He said, I will bless you if you keep my commands, nu?


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