Whats the Didache?

have any of you seen or heard of this?

here is Wiki ideas on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didache

This was something referred to in early church writing but no one had a copy – until one day a monk was poking around Istanbul and found an old Codex and there it was – about 1800 years old. The Catholic church wasn’t that excited about it and the greek church wasn’t that excited about it and the protestants didn’t want to accept it…but try this – read it and see what you think.


3 thoughts on “Whats the Didache?

  1. hearthie

    No, but for you, dear sister, I’ll gird up my nightmares of extra-canonical books of the Bible (literally) and go have a look. The wiki looks interesting.

    1. hearthie

      Read it. (It’s quite short). I have virtually no bones to pick with it – I wouldn’t call it Scripture, but I’d be happy to see it as catechism or how to order the church/community. I think it could solve any number of problems. (Wow how much of it is devoted to avoiding false preachers, who teach for money’s sake).

      Quoted familiar Scripture constantly. No nightmares.

      What did you think of it?

  2. gmaali Post author

    I thought it was quite alright – I don’t know what a meal in the Spirit is…that was the only thing that wasn’t clear. Other than that it was pretty simple.


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