I bought the Garden of Emuna book that Lazer Brody is always talking about last week. Honestly – it is quite good. So good that I was reading some to my husband…hi ladies – have you met my husband?
my husband and I are not exactly on the same page. When I met him 16 years ago he was at work reading the bible and I though he really had it together. (go ahead laugh..) He was reading the book of proverbs. and guess what he was reading last week? yup proverbs. because some twit told him years ago when you don’t know what to read in scripture you should look at the calendar and read the book of proverbs that corresponds to the calendar date. I shit you not.
My son has a job at the local gymnastics place, Last night I went to pick him up and took the book because sometimes he has clean up to do that takes a bit more time, so I can read while I wait.
Then I had to run to the grocery store, when I got home my husband was reading…the Zohar.
I asked him what he was doing? He said he wanted to read the Emuna book but he couldn’t find it so he decided to read the Zohar.
I believe he choose it because it is thin and only has 96 pages…so maybe he thought it would be light reading…not particularly… Sigh..
I asked him if he liked it…he said he couldn’t understand it.
I just had to vent. I hate the holidays BTW and today is our 4-H Xmess party and ornament exchange…I feel like Wednesday Addams. What would I do with an ornament? ((o.O))


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