yeah like that.

Days have been frustrating. My husband and I are not getting along so well. Mostly because I am irritated. I think I should check the calendar, no? and bonus – he has two week off of work starting on Friday. We have nothing planned.
We had nothing going on for Hanukkah, we have nothing planned for the “other” winter holiday. My husband insists that we need to do something for the grandkids. but I don’t feel like it. I feel like locking myself in the room with a bunch of books and endless coffee.

My good friend can’t afford rent in the big city anymore so she is heading back to the high desert with her family to live with her sister in law. the upside is she might visit more often. but her commute to church will be longer so who knows? She is storing a bunch of stuff here since we have a ton of storage space – my husband had the nerve to tell me that I should have asked first before I offered to let her store her stuff here.
Really? Really?!? I need to ask permission to store things in the building I sold my home to pay for? For my best friend? why? so he could have the satisfaction of granting me permission? or not? no thank you very much.

Sorry for the attitude suckage. It seems to be a constant part of me lately. :/



2 thoughts on “Ack

  1. gmaali Post author

    It is no joke I am so short tempered with him. Today he asked me about it – when I say “asked” it was more like “what’s your problem – are you mad at me?!?” I am think ummm yeah – great perception skills there dear!
    However I don’t have time for that conversation… ugh.


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