Monthly Archives: July 2016

just for Anna

really is there a lot of stuff going on? – yes there is but life and distraction and not being able to sit down and type just….my husband and son are on the east coast leaving me here to manage things by myself for a couple of weeks. well …me and pop… makes me wish I had a larger family.

the weather guy at southern California weather force is now predicting earthquakes ( now predicting earthquakes for SoCal is like predicting rain for Seattle..we know it is out there. however Californians are a special kind of stupid. So many people so few resources. here is what will happen – we only have two ways to get from my house to the great blue pond called the Pacific. One is the Cajon Pass (basically where the great San Andreas cuts through our barren rock mountains. ) and the other is the 14 freeway that drops into the San Fernando valley – any ANY earthquake will wipe out both ways of travel. No worries right? except we have these places like the port of long beach and the port of los angeles where tons of stuff is shipped into and out of – traveling by truck and rail all over the country. and so many people will be stuck in the valleys, and then apparently we are supposed to get some flooding this fall…it is gonna get messy.